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Naval Academy Enhances Sexual Assault Prevention, Response Program

Posted on: July 02, 2013 08:00 EDT by MC2 Alexia Riveracorrea

The Naval Academy Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program recently welcomed a new program manager.

Cmdr. Lynn Hammer (USNA ’92) reported aboard in June and takes the lead for the overall management of the academy’s efforts to combat sexual assault.

Her title – sexual assault prevention and response program manager – represents a slight shift in focus within the academy’s SAPR Office. Previously the leader of the program was a sexual assault response coordinator or SARC, whose focus was primarily on responding to reports of sexual assault.

With some reorganization, the program will now include two civilian SARCs devoted to response while Hammer will oversee the entire program and implement prevention and awareness campaigns while also being available in a response coordination role.

“This is a really unique role and a great opportunity for me and for the Naval Academy,” said Hammer. “I get to focus on what we do to bring light to this issue; how we train the midshipmen, faculty, and staff; how we keep that constant drumbeat and keep this topic alive; how we empower people to make a difference.”

In her third week, Hammer said she can already tell the midshipmen are engaged in eliminating sexual assault at the academy.

“You can tell they’re very passionate about this. They want people to be safe here and to grow and have this wonderful image of the academy without sexual assault,” said Hammer, who hopes to harness the energy she sees among the brigade’s SAPR volunteers and lead it in the right direction.

Hammer’s number one goal is to continue to create an environment where victims of sexual assault feel safe coming forward and getting help.

“I want to strengthen our message that help is here and that you are not alone in dealing with your experience and the multitude of emotions you are feeling,” said Hammer. “Each one of us deserves the chance to be at our best and not left to struggle with real problems alone.

“We require so much sacrifice from those working in the military, and it is vital that we create an environment that safeguards and protects them,” she said.

Hammer said she and her staff are in the process of fine-tuning training and building on relationships within the Navy family and the local community.

“I have benefited greatly already from Vice Adm. Miller’s strong guidance to the Naval Academy family regarding SAPR,” she said. “Everywhere I turn, faculty, staff, and midshipmen want to talk to me about SAPR; they want to share ideas and offer to help. This is incredibly encouraging and motivating to me to continue to work hard and make a positive difference.”

Hammer encourages anyone who wants to discuss SAPR issues to reach out to her or anyone within the SAPR Office. Faculty, staff and midshipmen can visit the internal website at

Other contact info:

  • Cmdr. Lyn Hammer, SAPR Program Manager: 410-293-1502/410-320-4909 or
  • Duty Victim Advocate: 443-336-2637
  • Ms. Nancy Mandile , Senior Victim Advocate: 410-293-7738
  • Safe Helpline (a confidential and anonymous sexual assault hotline for the Navy and DoD communities): or call 877-995-5247 or text 55-247 (CONUS only)

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