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Naval Academy Midshipmen Workout with Fitness Celebrity

Posted on: September 09, 2013 08:00 EDT by Jessica Clark

U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen had the opportunity to meet and work out with fitness celebrity Tony Horton Sept. 6 during his visit to Annapolis.

Horton, founder of the P90X fitness program, toured the academy Yard and had lunch in King Hall before treating approximately 300 midshipmen, faculty and staff to an hour-long workout he designed for them.

“The day’s been phenomenal,” said Horton. “I’ve been wanting to come to the Naval Academy for some time. It’s a beautiful campus, and there are so many dedicated young men and women here.”

In the last few years, Horton has visited other military installations, including the Pentagon and ships in San Diego to share the message that service members don’t require a lot of equipment to maintain a high level of physical fitness.

“Really, all you need is Mother Earth and you can get it done – a little bit of that and some gravity,” said Horton, adding that that’s what the workout with the mids was all about. “It’s a great way to get them the information they need that they might not have yet. If they assume they’re going to need all that equipment, after today, they’ll know they don’t.”

Horton said that maintaining physical fitness is important to everyone but especially “young leaders.”

“When you’re overweight, you’re overwhelmed. It’s just a fact. The human body doesn’t function well when there’s too much on it,” he said. “You need to be physically strong, physically capable. You need to be durable. And you need to be less vulnerable to situations that affect you physically, but also mentally and emotionally.”

In a physically fit person, the brain functions better and the body releases the chemicals needed to “think outside the box, particularly in stressful situations,” he said. “The journey is easier, and you’re usually more productive if you’re taking care of yourself.”

The workout Horton designed for the midshipmen included plyometrics, yoga, abdominal work, and upper body exercises.

"It was incredible to get out and learn a whole new style of exercise and workout tempo," said Midshipman 1st Class Colleen Randolph.

Randolph and other members of the academy's swim teams attended the workout as supplement to their daily practice. 

"Our coaches now have a whole new arsenal of dry-land exercises for our team, so I'm sure we'll be seeing P90X showing up in our workouts and benefitting as a team from the cross training," she said.

"Most athletes … don’t need a lot of stuff," said Horton. "They just need to move in an explosive way.” 

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