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Virtual Town Hall Questions and Answers

Posted on: November 01, 2013 12:00 EDT by Naval Academy Public Affairs

1. When will the female midshipmen get their female covers back?

The “Single Cover Initiative” (SGI) is an effort to switch the Navy to a unanimous cover and is out of the hands of the Naval Academy. According to the Naval Academy Uniform Board, the SGI is still in effect and the decision to either make the SGI Navy-wide or switch back to the female cover will remain unknown until further reviewed by the Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the Navy. The Naval Academy is currently being used as a testing environment for the SGI. There has been no specific date as to when the outcome of the SGI will be determined.

2. Your rifle team, what do they do exactly? Is it target shooting, trick shooting, or both? I would really like to know what makes the nation's finest rifle team the best.

The Naval Academy has a rifle team and also a high-powered rifle ECA (extracurricular activity). Check out their websites at and

3. When do you believe you will allow women to compete for all programs men are? Have they not proven their skills yet?

The decision to allow women to serve in specific communities is not made by the Naval Academy but by the Department of Defense. Earlier this year, the DoD rescinded the combat exclusion policy, and each military department is actively working to integrate women into previously closed positions, a process that former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta directed to be complete by January 2016. You can read more here.

4. Do you encourage your midshipmen to seek medical attention at the first sign of health problems?

Midshipmen have excellent medical support at the Academy. The Brigade Medical Unit (BMU) is located inside Bancroft Hall and staffed by doctors trained in various specialties. If Midshipmen have medical issues, they can go to the BMU at any time to see a doctor. Even after business hours, the Midshipmen can call the 24-hour line and talk to a doctor. The convenient access to a medical facility allows Midshipmen to seek medical attention whenever necessary.

5. Does the academy have nuclear engineering as a major? If not is there likely to be one in the future?

No, but there are nuclear engineering classes offered. There’s no official word at this time about the possibility of a major in the future.

6. What do I need to get on the SAT/ACT and ASVAB tests to be considered?

As with GPA, there is not a specific minimum SAT or ACT score to be considered for the Naval Academy, but the higher, the better. The middle 50th percentile of the Class of 2017 achieved verbal scores ranging from 580-670 and math scores ranging from 620 to 700. The ASVAB is not a requirement to apply to the Naval Academy.

7. Is there a limit as to how many are accepted from each state?

There is no specific limit, but the Naval Academy is required to take students from all 435 congressional districts in the country. This process builds a unique and diverse student body from every corner of our great nation. Information about our most recent freshman class can be found here.

8. What are some tips for getting into USNA?

The Naval Academy admits highly-motivated, well-rounded individuals based upon their combined excellence in academics, athletics, leadership potential and community service. Do well academically, be active in sports, take on leadership roles in your school and community, and be involved in community service. All of these things combine to make you a great candidate for USNA. To connect directly with the Admissions Office for more information, visit the USNA Admissions Facebook page.

9. My daughter would really like to join. What's her first step?

Check out the USNA Admissions site at It includes everything you need to know about the application process and eligibility requirements. To connect directly with the Admissions Office for more information, visit the USNA Admissions Facebook page.

10. What stands out the most in an application to the Naval Academy?

There are many factors that go into your application, and no single factor takes precedence. The Naval Academy admissions board is looking for well-rounded individuals and bases its decision on a candidate’s combined excellence in academics, athletics, leadership and community service. To connect directly with the Admissions Office for more information, visit the USNA Admissions Facebook page.

11. If you had a bad freshmen and sophomore year, and improve greatly during your junior and senior year, would that higher your chances of getting an appointment?

While there is no specific minimum GPA, the Admissions Office recommends you strive to be in the top 20 percent of your high school class, so the higher your grades, the better. Ultimately, the admissions board makes its decision based on the quality of the overall record. If a candidate looks like they would be a great fit for the Academy but is lacking in one area (for example, perhaps they didn't take enough math classes or they have a weak fitness assessment score), the admissions board might recommend that candidate to attend the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, R.I., first so that they can be fully prepared by the time they get to the Academy. To connect directly with the Admissions Office for more information, visit the USNA Admissions Facebook page.

12. How does the nomination process truly work? Can more than one candidate get in from the same nomination? Please elaborate.

To receive an offer of appointment to the Naval Academy, each applicant must individually obtain a nomination from an official source. There are many nomination sources and applicants are encouraged to apply to all available sources – normally their U.S. Representative, two U.S. Senators and the Vice President of the United States. Submitting your letters of application for nominations should be one of your first steps in the application process. Specific deadlines, other than congressional, can be found through the links at (see Step 4). Many members of Congress evaluate candidates during the summer months and make their decisions in early fall.This varies from staff to staff so if you have specific questions about timelines, please notify the appropriate congressional and Senate staff person. Use the links on the page above to find contact info for your officials.The Naval Academy accepts nominations until the end of January. Nominating sources will notify the Naval Academy so there is no need to notify the Naval Academy of which nominations you have received.

13. I can be accepted if I already have accredited courses from another university?

Yes, as long as you meet the Naval Academy’s age requirements. You cannot have passed your 23rd birthday on Induction Day for the class you will enter. Also, you still have to attend the Naval Academy for the full four years. You can find more information for college applicants on the USNA Admissions website.

14. Can I serve in the U.S. Armed Forces if I am not a U.S. citizen?

To serve in the U.S. Armed Forces as an officer, you must be a U.S. citizen. If you are in the process of applying for citizenship, you can apply for admission but you must be a U.S. citizen by Induction Day. There are international students who attend the U.S. Naval Academy for four years then return to their home country. Information concerning application procedures for foreign nationals may be requested from the Naval Attache at the U.S. Embassy.

Additionally, enlistment into the U.S. military by citizens of countries other than the U.S. is limited to those foreign nationals who are legally residing in the U.S. and possess an Immigration and Naturalization Service Alien Registration Card. Contact your local enlisted recruiting office for more information.

15. What is the process for becoming a recruited athlete at Navy?

Visit for more information on applying for consideration as a USNA student-athlete.

16. If you want to become a Navy Chaplain, can this be done through The U.S. Naval Academy?

There is no specific program that allows Midshipmen to enter the Chaplain Corps directly. The Chaplain Corps Facebook page is a great place to connect with Navy Chaplains who could better assist you with this career path. You can also find information at the Navy’s official website.

17. Why are the future leaders allowed to carry on with hazing and all of the old and new traditional antics they do when the Navy they will be serving in has outlawed them?

The Naval Academy has a zero tolerance policy for hazing.  Title 10 of the U.S. Code, section 6964, defines hazing at the academy as any unauthorized assumption of authority by a midshipman whereby another midshipman suffers or is exposed to any cruelty, indignity, humiliation, hardship, or oppression, or the deprivation or abridgement of any right. The Academy’s policy complies with the Department of the Navy hazing policies.

18. Is the primary mission of NAPS to prepare future USNA athletes for admission?

The mission of the Naval Academy Preparatory School is to enhance midshipman candidates' moral, mental, and physical foundations to prepare them for success at the U.S. Naval Academy.

19. Why have midshipman mailing addresses changed?

The Supply Department has been updating and extending its postal services. The new address permits package delivery by any vendor to come directly to the post office in Bancroft Hall.

20.I want to know when school pictures are taken and how I can find out about them.

The midshipmen are in the process of getting their school photos taken right now. If you are a parent of a midshipmen and have questions about ordering photos of your mid, please contact Ellen Sherman at 410-293-3875.

21. How many enlisted uniforms items are transferable?

Prior-enlisted midshipmen can continue to wear their ribbons and warfare qualifications. Otherwise, midshipmen are issued all the new uniform items they require.

22. Is the academy's logo an N with a star on it even if they didn’t beat Army?

Members of varsity teams who qualify for their varsity letter receive an N-Star if they participate in a victory over Army in any sport designated “Star” competition. Navy has dominated the series of late against West Point, winning the N-Star competition 12 consecutive years.

23. What is a day in the life like for a Plebe?

You can find more information about a typical midshipman schedule here.

24. Is there a program that allows NROTC midshipmen to study for a semester the the Naval Academy?

No, but NROTC midshipmen can apply to transfer to the academy under the same rules as any college student who wishes to transfer. (See question #13)

25. How bad will Navy beat Army this year?

We’re going to go with “real bad.” Go Navy, Beat Army!

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