Political Science Department

Department of Political Science

The Political Science Department offers a full complement of undergraduate courses designed for midshipmen to learn how to study governments, public policies, political processes and behaviors. Midshipmen select from one of three concentrations, American Politics and Law, Comparative Politics, or International Relations and Security Studies.

The department also offers an Honors track. These concentrations expose midshipmen to the discipline's various subfields which include regional studies (Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe), political theory, law, and political institutions and political behavior. Required courses include American Government, International Relations or Comparative Politics, and Research Methods.

The major is enhanced with distributional requirements, particularly foreign languages, and it is built on a foundation of rigorous social science methodology. Summer internship programs in the Washington D.C. area are identified and directed by a faculty advisor. Exchange programs and the possibility of graduate work in national security studies expand the educational program.

The Political Science faculty represent significant research accomplishment and teaching excellence and are dedicated to a curriculum designed to expose midshipmen to a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Midshipmen graduating with bachelor of science degree in Political Science gain an important understanding of their domestic and global environment along with the necessary technical competence to excel in the United States Navy and beyond.

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