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USNA Chapter

Chapter History

The chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at the U.S. Naval Academy is still young. It was established in the Spring of 2008. Since then the chapter has become a source of support for the Latino community at the Naval Academy to advance academically in Engineering, Math, and Science majors. From the humble beginnings, USNA-SHPE has accomplished some of its landmark goals and has established itself as a permanent contributor to the goals of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the United States Naval Academy.

Chapter Goals

  1. Increase the number of Latino engineering and science students at USNA.
  2. Promote the advancement of Latino engineers and scientists in employment and education.
  3. Develop and participate in programs with both civilian and military personnel, which benefit midshipmen in advancing their technical degrees.
  4. Provide a forum for the exchange of information pertinent for interested engineering/science midshipmen enrolled at USNA.
  5. Create a learning environment where Latino engineers/scientists feel comfortable asking for help and where they can receive the proper advice.

Academic Excellence

The United States Naval Academy is a renowned academic institution and the premier source of Naval Officers to the fleet. Our students must not only live up to the standards set by the Academy but make every effort to surpass them as well. To accomplish this goal we must ensure that every midshipman is prepared and has the resources available by having tutors and providing guidance to those who need it. We must support one another and succeed together. This support should also extend to the Brigade as well as our surrounding community. Each of us has our area of expertise that we should share.

Professional Development

Our primary focus as midshipmen is our development as Naval Officers. We use our chapter as a tool to teach leadership. There are many opportunities for members to take responsibility and help the chapter. First Class who have chosen their warfare communities will take it upon themselves to inform others and advise them on their potential careers. We must all pass down whatever experience we have. Workshops, seminars and mentoring all contribute to the mission of professional development. Moreover, as an engineering centered ECA, we will educate our members and the Brigade on the demand and potential of becoming engineers. One extremely important facet in our development is continued education. SHPE will ensure that all those interested in graduate or doctoral studies are well informed of their options and of the various institutions supporting continued education.