Midshipman Rhyan Lange Represents the STEM Office

"Office of Naval Research (ONR) held a conference today October 22, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency in Arlington, Virginia. I was luck enough to volunteer to man the USNA STEM booth at this prestigious conference hosted by the director of ONR: RADM Klunder. Many visitors and exhibitors were intrigued by our USNA STEM booth. We had many STEM projects on display for them to play with. Every person who approached our booth had many questions extending from "how do your projects work?" to "how do you outreach to local schools in your area?" The best part of this experience was socializing with many different people. I was able to tell everyone about my experience with STEM that has included STEM camps, outreach programs, and internships. I was even lucky enough to tell my story to RADM Klunder and RADM White. Overall, I can say that today was a great day." - MIDN Rhyan Lange at the ONR Naval Science and technology Partnership Conference.

MIDN Lange and RADM Klunder

LCDR John Woods and MIDN Eric Emerling with the Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy

USNA STEM Office was represented by LCDR John Woods and MIDN 1/C Eric Emerling at the Czech-U.S. Sustainable Energy Conference: "Innovation in Sustainable Energy" held in Prague at the Czernin Palance 20 through 21 September 2012.  They met with the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, and provided a review of the USNA STEM programs and "STEM in a Box" Curriculum. The U.S. Naval Academy donated a STEM "starter kit" to the Czech Republic for students to gain hands-on experience in sustainable energy resources, like hydroelectric power, solar power, biomass, and biofuels. A Czech teacher was invited to participate in SET Sail, the USNA STEM Office workshop for teachers to engage in project based learning and best STEM classroom techniques. USNA attended in support of ONR STEM efforts.

SecNav Mabus, LCDR Woods, and MIDN Emerling

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