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STEM Center for Education and Outreach

The USNA STEM Center is focused on addressing an urgent national need for more young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. USNA faculty and midshipmen provide STEM outreach to local and national communities to engage and influence students and teachers.

Latest News

Image for Summer 2015 Newsletter
Summer 2015 Newsletter
Read the Summer 2015 Newsletter to find out what's new at the USNA STEM Center. Read more
Image for SET Sail STEM Educator Training
SET Sail STEM Educator Training
Each summer, the USNA STEM Center offers SET-Sail, a week-long STEM Educator Training for middle school and high school teachers. The workshop allows teachers the opportunity to discover, explore, and test ideas, as well as... Read more
Image for USNA Midshipmen Dazzle STEM Students
USNA Midshipmen Dazzle STEM Students
Follow the link below to read about USNA Midshipmen facilitating an educational lab at the USNA Summer STEM Program, to teach students about corrosion. Posted on Armed with Science, the U.S. Defense Department Science Blog. USNA... Read more
Image for Girls Tech Camp 2015
Girls Tech Camp 2015
Engineering is all about creating, building, and making things better. It is working in teams to solve problems facing our world today. Middle school girls had the opportunity to experience life as an engineer at the week-long Girls... Read more
Image for STEM Summer Program 2015
STEM Summer Program 2015
Launching rockets. Hacking computer passwords. Engineering aquatic habitats. Dissecting a sheep heart. Synthesizing soap. These are just a few of the engaging activities that students participated in during the Summer STEM Program at... Read more
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