2012 Fall Training Sign-up  

Sign up below for the Navy 26 and Navy 44 Training periods in which you would like to attend. Navy 26 training is scheduled directly with the instructor.

Navy 44 training sessions will take place from 1600-1830 Monday through Friday during the designated weeks with an overnight on the second Friday, or 0800-1700 for weekend sessions with an overnight from Saturday-Sunday on the second weekend.

We cannot guarantee that each period will be available if too few people sign up or if too many people sign up for that period. We will contact you if your chosen session is not available.

Please sign up at your earliest convenience.

Navy 26: September 4 - October 12

Training to obtain a Navy 26 Skipper B-Qualification**. Must pass sailing check ride and written test. B-qual valid for one calendar year, may be used to check out a Navy 26 for recreational sailing. Available Instructor times will be posted separately, with contact information to sign up for training.
**Required to take the Navy 44 training

Navy 44: 2 week session or two consecutive weekends

(1600 - 1830 Monday through Friday) and concluded with an overnight sail that begins 1600 on the last Friday and ends 0900 Saturday OR first weekend is 0800-1700 and second weekend is continuous from 0800 Saturday through Sunday with an overnight sail.

BLK A: Oct 1-13

BLK B: Oct 13-14 and Oct 20-21

BLK C: Oct 15-27

Fall Training Sign-Up

Navy 26: Please indicate your preference based upon your sailing experience.
Navy 44: Please indicate your preference for training session.

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