Commissioning Week


All persons over 18 are required to present a valid Government-issued photo ID card for entry into the Naval Academy and all personnel and vehicles are subject to search.  Driver's licenses from America Samoa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico and Washington are not currently considered appropriate Government-issued photo IDs because they fail to comply with the REAL ID Act of 2005.  Visitors from these areas are encouraged to bring a passport or other alternate Government-issued photo ID.  Drivers without Department of Defense ID cards or Midshipmen Parents Passes are not permitted on the Naval Academy grounds.  Vehicle access may be further restricted to staff and residents during limited timeframes in support of special Commissioning Week events; notice will be promulgated separately.  Handicapped visitors may bring vehicles onto USNA with handicapped plates or placards.  Vehicles will be search before access is granted.  Guests are permitted to bring daypacks, diaper bags, camera cases, and purses.  Larger bags and larger coolers are prohibited.  All bags are subject to search; weapons and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  For the most up-to-date security information, visit

Please review our information on stadium parking.

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