Student Life

It would be impossible to predict what four years at the Naval Academy would be like for you personally, but we can describe our philosophy, our curriculum and the daily life you can expect. You begin your journey by transitioning from being a high school student to a midshipman.  Only after you've experienced the exhausting rigors of Plebe Summer, and after you have faced the responsibility of leading other midshipmen and after you have thrown your hat into the air at graduation will you really know what the Naval Academy experience is all about.

Make no mistake: the four years at Annapolis are very challenging, tightly structured, and designed to push you well beyond what you think are your limits. Within this framework however, there are many ways you can pursue your individual areas of interest.

Students from all over the world regardless of ethnicity or gender are treated equally at the Naval Academy. You will live and learn with a very diverse and talented group of people. The Naval Academy program is designed to challenge every student. Life within the Brigade of Midshipmen, or student body, will be different from anything you have experienced.

First, Naval and Marine Corps officers must be persons of honor and integrity; therefore, while training to achieve your commission you must abide by the Naval Academy Honor Concept. Your regimented daily schedule will challenge you morally, mentally, and physically. All midshipmen must participate in athletics.

The Naval Academy also has many extracurricular activities that allow midshipmen to expand their horizons outside the classroom and off the athletic field. Midshipmen are encouraged to take part in religious services should they choose. Finally, midshipmen enjoy regular active-duty benefits and pay commensurate with their rank. All these components of Naval Academy life serve to build the whole-person.

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