Naval Academy Band

Crabtowne Stompers

This ensemble takes a page from the original Naval Academy Band Dixieland group known in the 1980s as the "Original Crabtowne Stompers." Rooted in the original New Orleans jazz music of the early 1900s, the Crabtowne Stompers fuses its music with more modern funk and jazz elements similar to the music of today's popular groups Bonerama and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The creative improvisational and compositional techniques of its members make the Crabtowne Stompers' music truly innovative and unique.

The Crabtowne Stompers are led by MUC Colin Renick. The group performs in support of Midshipmen events, Navy and social functions, public concerts, and educational workshops.

Crabtowne Stompers: City Dock 2015Crabtowne Stompers 2012Crabtowne Stompers 2012

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