Marching Band

For more than 150 years, the United States Naval Academy Marching Band has maintained a tradition of musical excellence and professionalism. Originally manned by a walrus-mustachioed fifer and a drummer, the marching band now varies in size from 30 to 40 members, based on requirements of the mission. The band performs a variety of engagements throughout the year, and is led by Head Drum Major, Chief Musician Todd Nix, and Assistant Drum Major, Musician First Class Jim Hurd.

The Marching Band can be seen leading the Brigade of Midshipmen in dress parades on historic Worden Field, marching Midshipmen to victory on the gridiron, escorting a fallen shipmate to his or her final resting place, and representing the entire Navy during street parades. The band is perhaps most well-known for its participation in the annual Army-Navy football game, one of the most enduring rivalries in collegiate sports, which is viewed by millions around the world.

Marching Band, 2013

“The Navy’s Oldest and Finest” prides itself on supporting the Brigade of Midshipmen, the Naval Academy, and the United States Navy with the highest level of military bearing and esprit de corps.

Marching Band Roster:

MUC Todd Nix - Grants Pass, Oregon

MU1 Jim Hurd - East Meadow, New York

MU1 Jason Broadwater - St. Clairsville, Ohio
MU1 Sam Chin
- Ann Arbor, Michigan

MUC Devona Schiller - Baltimore, Maryland
MU1 Erin Ostrowski - Topeka, Kansas

MUCS Ray Ascione - Annapolis, Maryland
MUCS Amy Jarjoura - Marietta, Georgia
MUC Lynda Dembowski - Waynesboro, Virginia
MUC Sheila Cullen- Marietta, Georgia
MU1 Benjamin Bokor - Downers Grove, Illinois
MU1 Sam Chin - Ann Arbor, Michigan
MU1 Jim Hurd - East Meadow, New York

MUC Colin Renick - Belmont, Massachusetts
MU1 Emily Madsen - Reston, Virginia
MU1 Doug O'Connor - Potomac, Maryland

MUC Carl Lindquist - Sandusky, Ohio
MUC Pasquale Sarracco - Bethel, Connecticut
MUC Davy DeArmond - Lenoir City, Tennessee
MU1 Matt Harriman - Bexley, Ohio

MUCS Adam Tillett - Norfolk, Virginia
MU1 Jessica Privler - Sterling, Virginia

MUCM Karl Schultz - Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
MU1 Gregory Battista - Plano, Texas
MU1 Ira Ostrowski
- Ballston Spa, New York
MU1 Russell Sharp - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MU1 Steve Tomlinson - Dayton, Ohio
MU1 Clint Woltering
- Richmond, Kentucky

MUCS James Fowler - Ponca City, Oklahoma
MUC Todd Nix
- Grants Pass, Oregon
MUC Thomas Pitta - Eldersburg, Maryland
MUCS Jarrod Williams
- Republic, Missouri
MU1 Jason Broadwater - St. Clairsville, Ohio

MUCM Bruce Smith - El Reno, Oklahoma
MUCS Blake Cramer - Davidsonville, Maryland
MUC Tony Asero - Bowie, Maryland
MUC Rory Cherry - Dothan, Alabama
MUC Matthew Manturuk - Troy, Michigan
MUC Ritchie Smith - Erin, New York
MU1(SW) Benjamin Coker - Atlanta, Georgia
MU1 Kevin Meyer - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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