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The Naval Academy Band, located in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland, is one of two premier Navy Bands offering permanent-duty assignment. Members are guaranteed assignment to the United States Naval Academy Band with appointment to pay grade E-6 after completion of basic training.  Members receive full military benefits, including 30 days annual paid vacation, no time lost for illness, medical care for members and dependents, free dental care for members, dental insurance for dependents, commissary and exchange privileges, low-cost group life insurance, allowances for housing, food, and clothing, tuition assistance, and other educational benefits. For additional pay information, please click here.


Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 34. All travel arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of the candidate. The audition committee reserves the right to dismiss any candidate not meeting the highest professional standards.  Active duty musicians from all branches of the U.S. military must also send a letter from their commanding officer granting them permission to audition for the Naval Academy Band. The Navy and Naval Academy Band have strict appearance and weight standards. Prior to auditioning, each candidate will be weighed in accordance with current Navy standards. Candidates whose weight exceeds the Navy's weight limit for their height by more than 10% will not be allowed to proceed with the audition. In order to accept a position with the Naval Academy Band, the audition winner must enlist in the Navy, and complete basic training. A minimum of a four-year enlistment is required.


For all correspondence, please be sure to include your name, instrument, position for which you are applying, and contact information. All audition packages should include a current performance résumé. Posted vacancies that additionally require a recording should send an un-edited CD that is clearly labeled with the candidates name and instrument. Please contact our Audition Supervisor for specific recording requirements. Audition materials will not be returned to the candidate.

Forward packages to:

Audition Supervisor
U. S. Naval Academy Band
U.S. Naval Academy
101 Buchanan Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5080

For questions or more information about auditions, please contact our Audition Supervisor:
phone: (410) 293-1253
DSN: 281-1253 
fax: (410) 293-2116

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