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    The U.S. Naval Academy Drum & Bugle Corps is an extracurricular activity for midshipmen (students) at the Naval Academy. The admissions board does not actively recruit candidates for musical programs at the U.S. Naval Academy. Therefore, the Drum and Bugle Corps essentially has no knowledge of midshipmen with musical talents until auditions occur during the first week of Plebe Summer. If you are a high school student interested in or accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy and have actively participated in high school musical programs and/or drum corps activities such as DCI, please feel free to drop us a line. Our staff would love to answer your questions and/or comments.
    Incoming candidates can expect to tryout with the Drum and Bugle Corps during the first week of Plebe Summer. You do not have to sign up...every company will attend a Drum and Bugle Corps presentation and have the opportunity to try out afterwards. Instruments and the necessary accessories will be provided by the Drum and Bugle Corps.
    Prior experience is helpful, but certainly not required. About one-third of our roster is comprised of people with no prior bugle or percussion experience. 
    Midshipmen selected for the Plebe Summer Drum and Bugle Corps will be notified approximately during the second week of Plebe Summer. During the summer, the new plebes practice every day during intramural periods and perform at sporting events and parades. The Plebe Summer Corps concludes with a special concert for their parents during Parents' Weekend. Once Plebe Summer has concluded, the new plebes will join the rest of the Corps upon Brigade Reform for the academic year.
    Any questions or comments from interested students may be emailed to our director, Mr. Jeff Weir.
    Auditions materials may be viewed by clicking the links below...

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