William B. Heuer


Chemistry Department
U. S. Naval Academy
572 Holloway Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21402-5026

Telephone: 410-293-6631

FAX: 410-293-2218

email: heuer@usna.edu

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Research Interests:

Synthetic Inorganic/organometallic Chemistry.

Preparation and study of redox-active, sulfur-rich transition metal complexes and clusters. Syntheses utilize standard schlenk and glovebox techniques for handling air- and moisture-sensitive compounds. Characterization by electro-chemistry, ESR, NMR, mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography.

Molecular Solid State Chemistry.

Preparation and study of molecular salts containing polarizable, redox-active and/or paramagnetic transition metal complexes or clusters. Such materials may exhibit potentially useful properties such as superconductivity, ferromagnetism, or non-linear optical response. Physical characterization by temperature-dependent 4-probe conductivity, single crystal ESR and magnetic susceptibility measurements. Structural characterization using X-ray crystallography.

Supramolecular Chemistry