Paul H. Miller, D.Eng., P.E.
Associate Professor of Naval Architecture

United States Naval Academy

Contact Information

Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
US Naval Academy, Mail Stop 11d
590 Holloway Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5042








Rickover 319

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Courses Taught

EN200/400, EN245A, EN246, EN247, EN342, EN358, EN380, EN445, EN471, EN476, EN447, EN448

Bio Information

Professor Miller has been a civilian faculty member in the Naval Architecture Program since January 1999. His experience includes ship design, research, construction, maintenance, repair and operations. He has worked on a variety of different vessel types, ranging in size from 40" radio-controlled models to supertankers and aircraft carriers. His primary research focus is advancing the state of design practice for marine composites through cost and weight-efficient-effective structural design, fabrication efficiency and quality issues.


Doctor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. Dissertation on marine composites fatigue durability and testing. May 2000.

Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. Emphasis on ship structural design. December 1994.

Certificate in the Management of Technology, University of California at Berkeley. December 1994. 

Master of Engineering in Ocean Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J.  Major in naval architecture. Capstone project in control and directional stability. May 1987.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University, Medford, Mass.  Major emphasis on engineering design. Minor in Asian Studies. May 1985.

Williams College/Mystic Seaport Museum Program in American Maritime Studies, Fall 1983. 

Work Experience

Associate Designer, various America's Cup syndicates, 1991- 2003

Participated as a member of the design team to develop and achieve structural performance and design goals. Major focus included directing research and designing composite and metal components for America's Cup yachts using finite element and other analysis techniques. Additional responsibilities included integrating design with manufacturing methods, proposing quality assurance and performance tests, interpreting test results and recommending structural proposals. Syndicates included Team Dennis Conner (92, 95, 03), Team Caribbean (00), and AmericaOne (00) 

Structural Designer/Construction Supervisor/Consultant, Maricomp/MCA, Costa Mesa, Calif., 1992 - 2006

Part-time job designing various marine applications in composites, metals and wood. Projects included advanced vessel design and construction, recreational marine craft and tanker fatigue study. Past projects included naval vessels, barges, container ships and historical vessel restoration.

Lecturer/Graduate Student Instructor, Civil Engineering and Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering (RIP) Departments, University of California at Berkeley, 1995-1998

Taught naval architecture and civil engineering design, structures and fabrication classes.

Engineer, Newport News Shipbuilding, San Diego, Calif., Jan. ‘89 - Mar. '92

Performed design and analysis for naval and commercial vessels. Led two-year project defining performance and cost parameters for joining composite materials in marine applications, developed time-saving design guides and spreadsheets for composite joints and other structural and hydrodynamic design problems, supervised junior engineers, performed on-site purchase reviews, presented technical proposals to senior management and government agencies.

Manager, Boston Sailing Center, Boston, Mass., Jun. '85 - Jan. '88

Managed 50-boat school and marina. Taught beginning, racing and offshore sailing courses.

Academy Activities

Faculty Representative to the Intercollegiate Sailing Team

Varsity Offshore Sailing Team Volunteer Coach

OIC during OSTS/CSNTS Summer Cruises

BST instructor
Faculty Representative to the student section of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Plebe Advisor
E&W Division Trident Review Committee
New Navy 44 Configuration Control Committee



Research Interests

Design and fabrication processes for marine composites applications
Finite element analysis

Small autonomous surface vessels
Design for reduced human fatigue and error



Publications and Presentations

Miller, P. Presentations at the Safety at Sea Seminar hosted by The Sailing Foundation in Seattle, Washington, 25 Feb, 2012: Providing Assistance, Heavy Weather Strategies, Damage Control

Paul Miller,, “Development of a Sail-Powered Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) for Trans-Atlantic Voyaging”, 4th International Robotics Sailing Conference, Lubeck, Germany, 16-17 August 2011

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Miller, P., Presentations at the Safety at Sea Seminar hosted by The Sailing Foundation in Seattle, Washington, 27-28 Feb, 2010: Heavy Weather, Providing Assistance, Yacht Design for Offshore Sailing, Lessons from Past Storms

'Report from Committee V.8 "Sailing Yacht Design'", 17th International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress, Seoul, South Korea, 16-21 August, 2009

Miller, P., Brooks, O., Hamlet, M,, "Development of the USNA SailBots (ASV)", PowerPoint,  International Robotic Sailing Conference, Porto, Portugal, July 9, 2009

Miller, P., Pedrick, D., Schweikert, G., "Development and Initial Review of the Mark II Navy 44 Sail Training Craft", (Word) 19th CSYS, Annapolis, MD, March 21, 2009

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Miller, Paul H., "An Overview of Boatbuilding Materials and Methods", PowerPoint, YBAA Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD, 4-5 Feb, 2008

Miller, Paul H., "Composite-Bladed Propeller Ultimate Strength Test - Final Report", Engineering and Weapons Division Report, Jan. 2008

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Miller, Paul H., "Marine Composites Design - The Basics", and "Marine Composites Design - Advanced Methods", IBEX 2005, Miami, FL, October 19-21, 2005: See also the articles, "Marine Composites Design, Part 1" and "Marine Composites Design, Part 2" in the February/March 2007 and April/May 2007 issues of Professional Boatbuilder Magazine, which were based on the presentations.

Miller, Paul H., "Research Supporting the New Navy 44", Safety at Sea Seminar, Annapolis, MD, April 3, 2005

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Mouring, Sarah,  Miller, Paul, Burns, Victoria, “Investigation into the Mechanical Behavior of Ceramicrete,” ISOPE, 2003

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Miller, Paul H.,  “Effects of Moisture Absorption and Test Method on the Properties of E-glass /Polyester Hull Laminates”, Journal of Composite Materials, Vol. 36, No. 9, 2002 (see the J/24 fatigue study for more information)

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Miller, P. H., "Design Criteria for Composite Masts," CSYS Conference, Jan. 28, 1995 

Miller, P. H. and Dillon, D. L., "The International Sailing Canoe: A Technical Review," Marine Technology, October 1994



USCG 50-ton Master’s License, Hong Kong Marine Department 25-ton Master’s Certificate

Professional Engineer License (Naval Arch and Marine Eng), Maryland

Sailing Instructor Certificates

Private Pilot – ASEL


Professional Memberships

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers - Section and technical panel activities, San Diego Section Meetings Chairman ‘89-’90, Membership Chairman ‘90-91,Secretary/Treasurer '91-'92, Vice Chairman '92, U. C. Berkeley Student Section Vice President ‘93-94, President ‘94, Chesapeake Section Executive Committee, 2000-present, T&R Panel SC-2 Chairman, 2001-2004, Vice Chairman Chesapeake Section 2005-2006, Chairman 2006-2007.

American Society for Engineering Education

American Society for Naval Engineers

US Sailing- Safety at Sea Committee


Primarily sailing, motorcycling, boatbuilding and flying. Paul and his wife Dawn used to race two International Sailing Canoes they built. When not varnishing, they are often out in a 1962 Herreshoff Rozinante ketch or a 1957 15' Lyman runabout. They also have been known to (slowly) fly a 1946 Aeronca Champ and ride dual sport motorcycles.


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