SO495/6 and SO505/6--Independent Research

Fall 2012 abstracts

Submission Event Submit To Spring 2013 Semester
Advisor and one sentence project title/description due prior to registration for the semester in which the project will be completed.  During registration you should pick the section taught by your advisor.  This information goes to the library. Advisor, research coordinator Friday 11/30
Project Description (advisor, and 2-3 sentences describing it) by the semester add date.  This will insure that you are in the correct section taught by your advisor, and that the department knows what all the projects involve. Advisor, research coordinator Monday 1/22
Official Project Title, due a week before classes end.  This will be used to invite people to the presentations, and to go in official records. Advisor, research coordinator Tuesday 4/23
Capstone paper due the last day of classes. Advisor only Tuesday 4/30
Abstract due the last day of classes. Advisor, research coordinator Tuesday 4/30
(Optional) Paper submitted for consideration for the Naval Intelligence Foundation Award (best students in any honors program), the Hendrix Award (best oceanography honors student), or the Williams Award (best oceanography research or capstone paper) Department awards committee Advisor will handle
Poster submitted for printing, one week before scheduled final exam period.  MSC has evening hours Monday-Thursday until 2300 and Friday until 1700.  MSC in the library Submit by April 29
Poster presentation and  defense, during scheduled  final exam period.  This date will be available when the final exam schedule is published, and you can look it up like any other exam. The uniform will be SDBs or summer whites, as appropriate. The date to be the same as the presentations from the other departments, and held in Dahlgren. Department Faculty 0900-1100 Thursday 2 May
Paper copy of final paper, with signed title page Advisor, department chair Before departing on intersessional leave

Submissions can either go from you to your advisor and then forwarded to the research coordinator (Professor Guth,  ), or you can submit to both simultaneously.  You are responsible that it reaches the research coordinator by the deadline.

Spring 2013 students

Fall 2012 students

Fall 2012 abstracts

Spring 2012 students

Fall 2011 students

Spring 2011 students

Capstone paper




Abigail Phillips

Case Study of Tornadic Devleopment within an Extra-Tropical Cyclone

Jeremy Runco

Tornado Predictions Paramters: Convective Available Potential Energy and Storm Relative Helicity

Stephen DeVries

Transport of drifters at the mouth of Severn River: an initial assessment of stretching rates and divergence

Justin G. Jacks

Historical GIS of the Normandy Invasion (Operation Overlord)

Leah Jordan

Connecting Subduction Zone Earthquake Characteristics to Tsunami Generation

William F. Jenkins II

Active Disruption of Underwater Communications Using Snapping Shrimp Noise

Orlando Samudio

Spectral polarization of clear and hazy coastal skies


Poster presentation and defense

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