SO231--General Oceanography I Resources

Resources on this page apply to all sections of the course

The following items are available to assist students in this course:

Programs to assist in your study.

  1. Gazetteer. Locate the place names for which you will be responsible.  Download and then run this setup program. It will also do some plate tectonics animations. The file to download is about 1.4Mb in size. Note that the tutorial mentioned above has some canned maps in it.

You select the locations to plot with this menu choice. The three options will:

  1. Geology Data Files.  As an option, the gazetteer program can show many features of plate tectonics (boundaries, fracture zones, magnetic anomalies, and earthquakes).  Download and then run this setup program. to copy the data to your hard disk.  The file to download is about 3 Mb in size.

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