Professor Debora M. Katz

Professor Debora M. Katz

Physics Department
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis MD, 21402



Current Classes

I am currently teaching SP211 (Physics I). The following documents were handed out on the first day of class:


Course Policy Statement

Group Extra Credit

Term project instructions and grading rubric


TERM PROJECT: The term project is an individual project. You may consult with any living or nonliving source, but all sources must be listed in your references. You must describe the contribution living sources made to your work. Term projects completed by former students may be found in Ch 256. You are welcome to read these terms projects in the room, but do not remove them from the room. A few sample projects are linked here.

Skateboarding Accident



Motivating students with Case Studies

AAPT talk Portland, 2013


The Centennial Bulb has been illuminated for over 110 years. My students and I have run some tests on its sister bulbs.

External Links and References to Case Studies and Project-based Learning:

Roger Schank advocates completely rethinking education. He proposes entirely project-based curricula.

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science has a collection of cases.

Colorado State University has a nice one-page introduction to using case studies in education. From the main page, click on the site index, and find “case studies (writing guide)”.

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