Paul Mikulski
Professor, Physics

SP211.3312 MWF3 CH001, TR3 CH011
SP211.4412 MWF4 CH001, TR4 CH011
Fall 2014

For all sections:
sp211_fall2014_equations.pdf  ***** Draft (September 8) *****

For Mikulski's sections (sp211.3312 and sp211.4412):


 1.  Thursday    August 21:  worksheet01.pdf  scan01.pdf
 2.    Friday    August 22:  worksheet02.pdf  scan02.pdf  LoggerPro_Install_Instructions.pdf
 3.    Monday    August 25:  worksheet03.pdf  scan03.pdf  screen03.png
 4.   Tuesday    August 26:  worksheet04.pdf  scan04.pdf
 5. Wednesday    August 27:  worksheet05.pdf  scan05.pdf  screen05.png
 6.  Thursday    August 28:  worksheet06.pdf  scan06.pdf
 7.    Friday    August 29:  worksheet07.pdf  scan07.pdf  screen07a.png  screen07b.png
 8.   Tuesday September  2:  worksheet08.pdf  scan08.pdf  quiz08.pdf  quiz08_scan.pdf
 9. Wednesday September  3:  worksheet09.pdf  scan09.pdf
10.  Thursday September  4:  worksheet10.pdf  scan10.pdf
11.    Friday September  5:  worksheet11.pdf  scan11.pdf  quiz11.pdf  quiz11_scan.pdf
       Monday September  8:  ***** no worksheet, clean-up day ***** (+ data generation for 2D projectile motion lab)
12.   Tuesday September  9:  worksheet12.pdf
    Wednesday September 10:  exam1.pdf  exam1_scan.pdf
13.  Thursday September 11:  worksheet13.pdf  scan13.pdf
14.    Friday September 12:  worksheet14.pdf  scan14.pdf
15.    Monday September 15:  worksheet15.pdf  scan15.pdf
16.   Tuesday September 16:  worksheet16.pdf  scan16.pdf
17. Wednesday September 17:  worksheet17.pdf  scan17.pdf  screen17.png
18.  Thursday September 18:  worksheet18.pdf  scan18.pdf
19.    Friday September 19:  worksheet19.pdf  scan19.pdf
20.    Monday September 22:  worksheet20.pdf  scan20.pdf
21.   Tuesday September 23:  worksheet21.pdf  scan21.pdf
22. Wednesday September 24:  worksheet22.pdf  scan22.pdf
     Thursday September 25:  Lecture Demo (go straight to CH100)
       Friday September 26:  quiz_N2L.pdf  quiz_N2L_scan.pdf
       Monday September 29:  >>>>> Exam 2 covers worksheets 1 - 22 <<<<<

Exam 2 tomorrow will consist of 13 questions. To help you with a final checklist review, below is a list of topics that I will pick from to create the exam. I will hit 13 out of the 16 listed for tomorrow's exam. I will roughly follow the sequencing listed (the exam should unfold naturally with how we have moved through the course).

For each topic, if you are prepared, you should have a clear idea of what the topic is referring to on reading it, to the point where you could quickly construct a sample problem to work and then be able to solve it from scratch. Therefore, if you encounter any topic on this list for which you do not have this sense, give it some extra review time.