Paul Mikulski
Professor, Physics

SP342 Spring 2014

Purcell and Morin Chapter 1:
worksheet01.pdf Exercise 1.39 Rhombus of charges ** (Force approach)
worksheet02.pdf Exercise 1.39 Rhombus of charges ** (Energy approach)
worksheet03.pdf Exercise 1.42 Potential energy of a one-dimensional crystal **
worksheet04.pdf Exercises 1.45 Zero field? ** and 1.46 Charges on a circular track **
worksheet05.pdf Worksheet: E for a solid disk including limits 
worksheet06.pdf Exercise 1.77 Electron jelly **
worksheet07.pdf Exercise 1.82 Energy of concentric shells *

Purcell and Morin Chapter 2:
worksheet08.pdf Exercise 2.40 Gold potential *
worksheet09.pdf Exercise 2.31 Finding the potential *
worksheet10.pdf Extended version of Exercise 2.43 Potential from a rod **
worksheet11.pdf Exercise 2.62 Square quadrupole **
worksheet12.pdf Exercise 2.72 A spherical charge distribution ***
worksheet13.pdf Worksheet: Verify Poisson's equation using Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates
worksheet14.pdf Exercise 2.75 Curls and divergences *
worksheet15.pdf Theorem 2.2 page 87 Earnshaw's theorem

Purcell and Morin Chapter 3:
worksheet16.pdf Problems 3.1 Inner-surface charge density ** and 3.2 Holding the charge in place **
worksheet18.pdf Extended version of Exercise 3.38 Two charges and a plane *

Purcell and Morin Chapter 4:
worksheet20.pdf Worksheet: Current through a closed hemisphere

Purcell and Morin Chapter 5:
worksheet22.pdf Exercise 5.12 Tilted sheet **
worksheet23.pdf Problem 5.5 E from a line of moving charges **
worksheet24.pdf Problem 5.7 Electron in an oscilloscope **
worksheet25.pdf Worksheet: Magnetic field due to a long straight wire

Purcell and Morin Chapter 6:
worksheet26.pdf Problems 6.4 Vector potential for a wire * and 6.5 Vector potential for a finite wire **
worksheet27.pdf Worksheet: Divergence of the curl in Cartesian coordiantes
worksheet28.pdf Problems 6.12 Field in the plane of a ring ** and 6.13 Magnetic dipole **
worksheet29.pdf Problem 6.18 Vector potential for a solenoid **
worksheet30.pdf Problem 6.20 A slab and a sheet **
worksheet31.pdf Worksheet: Uniform B in frame F
worksheet32.pdf Worksheet: Plotting B(z) for solenoids

Purcell and Morin Chapter 7:
worksheet33.pdf Problem 7.6 Growing current in a solenoid **
worksheet34.pdf Exercise 7.40 L for a cylindrical solenoid **
worksheet35.pdf Problem 7.17 Two expressions for the energy *

Purcell and Morin Chapter 8:  WE'RE SKIPPING THIS CHAPTER

Purcell and Morin Chapter 9:
worksheet36.pdf Worksheet: Wave equation and Problem 9.7 Traveling and standing waves **
worksheet37.pdf Exercise 9.24 Satellite signal *

Purcell and Morin Chapter 10:
worksheet38.pdf Problem 10.8 Field from an induced dipole **