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Matlab Toolbox for the Intelitek Scorbot (MTIS)
Beta version 8.25.2011


Scorbot Matlab

Toolbox Features


Project Overview

The Intelitek Scorbot is an articulated 5 degree of freedom robot arm, used primarily for education at universities, and technical schools.   

Older version of the Scorbot used a serial interface, making it easy to control in any programming language.  The ER-4U version uses a USB interface and conceals the API.  Out of the package, users can only control the arm using Scorbase - Intelitek's proprietary, stand alone programming environment. This toolbox provides a set of libraries (DLLs and M-files) that let you control the robot directly using Matlab.




Toolbox Features

The toolbox consists of two components: (1) a set of DLL files that set up the low level interface to the robot via USB; and (2) a  set of Matlab functions (aka "wrappers") for common high level commands.  In particular it lets you:   

  • Create a link between your PC and Scorbot using your PC's USB port.
  • Interact with the robot's sensors and motors via user-friendly commands.  Unlike the native Scorbot interface, standard units and sign conventions are used and angle definitions match the Denavitt-Hardenberg convention.
  • A set of utility functions is provided for forward and inverse kinematics, and Jacobian computations.
  • The toolbox allows you to exploit the full functionality of Matlab's standard development, visualization and computation tools -- in addition to any licensed toolboxes such as image processing, neural network, control systems, etc. 





Scorbot The toolbox is developed for the Intelitek ER-4U with USB connection. The Scorbase software version was The control box software was version 14.

Matlab:  The toolbox was developed and tested with MATLAB 2010A and B.  It is expected to work in Matlab 2011.  It has not been tested on previous versions of Matlab or on freeware clones such as Octave or SciLab, but is likely to work.   It does not require any additional toolboxes.      

Operating Systems:  The toolbox was developed and tested under windows XP 32 bit operating system.   It has been tested on Windows 7.   It has not been tested under Linux, Mac, or  64 bit Windows. We anticipate supporting 64 bit Windows OS in the future.


Download the Toolbox

Note that the Beta version has not be thoroughly tested.  The authors make no guarantees about performance or compatibility.   Please report any bugs to esposito (at) usna (dot) edu.

  • MTIS files
  • This paper serves as the documentation (citation information below and inside PDF).  Appendix A provides installation instructions, Appendix B is a command reference, toolbox concepts and sample programs are included in Sections 3-4.




Authors: The MATLAB Toolbox for the iRobot Create  was developed by Professors Joel Esposito, Carl Wick and Ken Knowles at the United States Naval Academy in the Systems Engineering Department's RaVision Group

Contact:  Direct question and bug reports to Professor Joel Esposito:   esposito (at) u s n a (dot) e d u

Citation Information:  The tool box is free.   If you use it in a publication, please cite:

author = {Joel M. Esposito and Carl Wick and Ken Knowles},
title = { Matlab Toolbox for the Intelitek Scorbot:  An open source robotics education library },
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