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The following course program is for the class of 2013. Complete course descriptions are available for hyperlinked courses; shorter descriptions can be found in the course catalog. Blue shaded entries in the matrix courses are taught by the Systems Engineering faculty. The 4/C year is not included because it is common to all majors. The major electives listed in the 1/C year are listed below.

Note: this is provided for informational purposes only. Do not use it to complete your registration. Consult your academic adviser for the most up to date graduation requirements.

Class 0f 2013 -  Systems Engineering Major  -  ESE

3/c Fall 3/c Spring 2/c Fall 2/c Spring 1/c Fall 1/c Spring
NN200  1-2-2
Navigation and 
NE203  3-0-3
Ethics and Moral
NS300   0-2-1
Naval Warfare
NL310  3-0-3
Leadership: Theory
and  Applications
  NS42X  0-2-1
Junior Officer
SP211  3-2-4
General Physics I
SP212   3-2-4
General Physics II
  ES300  3-0-3
Naval Weapons
  NL400  2-0-2
Law for the Junior
SM221 4-0-4
Calculus III with
Vector Fields
SM212   4-0-4
Differential Equations
EE331  3-2-4
Electrical Engineering I
EE332   3-2-4
Electrical Engineering II
HH215X 3-0-3
West in a Global Context
HH216 3-0-3
West in Modern World
HUM/SS Elective
EM211  3-0-3
EM232  3-0-3
SM316  3-0-3
Engineering Math
  ES403  1-2-2
Engineering Design Methods
    EM316  3-0-3
Thermo-Fluid Sciences I
EM317  2-2-3
Thermo-Fluid Sciences II
ES405    2-2-3  Applied Sensors and Actuators ES402  2-4-4
Systems Design
ES201  2-2-3
Introduction to
Systems Engineering
ES202   2-2-3
Principles of
Systems Engineering
ES301  2-2-3
System Modeling and Simulation
ES308  1-2-2
Control System Design Laboratory
Major Elective I
Major Elective II
    ES303  3-0-3
Linear Control Systems
ES304  3-0-3
 Advanced Control   Systems 
Major Elective III
Major Elective IV
Major Elective V
19 20 17 18 17 16
Major Credits: 56   Total Credits: 141      

Major Electives are gruped into Concentrations

For a comprehensive list, see your academic adviser.  S/F = Spring Fall

Control and Estimation

ES413 F  Digital Control Systems
ES418 S  Optimal Control and Estimation
ES456 S  Autonomous Vehicles

Embedded Computers

ES430 F Embedded Microcontroller System Integration
ES485C F  Cyber-physical Systems
ES432 S Embedded Microcontroller Applications

Engineering Management

ES461 F  Quantitative Methods for Management 
ES486D S Engineering Economics 
ES462 S Emerging Technologies


ES450 F Introduction to Robotic Systems
ES451 F Mobile Robot Design
ES452 S Advanced Topics in Robotics
ES453 S Introduction to Computer Vision
ES456 S Autonomous Vehicles

Environmental (Ocean Engineering)

EN411 F Ocean Environmental Engineering I 
EN412 S Ocean Environmental Engineering II

Nuclear (Mechanical Engineering)

EM362 F Reactor Physics I
EM468 S Nuclear Energy Conversion

Materials (Mechanical Engineering)

EM217 F Strength of Materials
EM313 F Materials Science

Aerospace Engineering

EA413 F Stability and Control
EA414 S Airplane Simulation and Control

Electrical Engineering

EE241 F Electronics I 
EE344 S Solid State Power Electronics

Signal Processing

ES453 F Introduction to Computer Vision
EE432 F Digital Signal Processing

Major Elective 5: single technical electives, not affiliated with a concentration

Any of the preceding courses

ES487G F Desktop Manufacturing
ES49X      Independent Research
EE426 F Fundamentals of Electronic Instrumentation
EA413 F Stability and Control
EM486K S Wind and Current Energy
EM475 F Motorsports Engineering
EN430 F Underwater Work Systems
EN470 S Life Support Systems
SM261 F Matrix Theory
SP411 F Underwater Acoustics and Sonar

Other Division I or II course with Department Chair approval

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