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Advanced Research Computing Support

Legacy Parallel Computing Clusters

The ARCS Group maintains legacy clusters, including the cluster replaced by the primary cluster and clusters from the HPCMP Office reutilization program.  These clusters are maintained for testing, special projects, flexible use and overflow as needed.

Local Legacy Cluster

The local legacy cluster was originally made-up of two (2) Head Nodes and sixty-four (64) Compute Nodes. Some of the Compute Nodes have failed and the Head Nodes have been reconfigured. The primary Head Node has been replaced with a server with two (2) Quad-Core AMD processors with 32 gigabyte of memory. Each of the original Compute Nodes contain two (2) single core AMD processors, with 4 gigabytes of memory on the Compute Nodes and 8 gigabytes on the original Head Nodes.

HPCMPO Legacy Cluster

The ARCS Group and the Computer Support Branch (CSB) of the Division of Engineering and Weapons have a legacy cluster provide by the DoD HPCMP Office from ARL in Aberdeen, MD. The system is based on nodes with two (2) Intel Dempsey processors and 8 GB of memory. The cluster has about 78 Compute Nodes connected via a 4X DDR 20GB Infiniband network.

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