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Advanced Research Computing Support

ARCS Lab Workstations

Photo of computer

The ARCS Group maintains a computer workstations lab in room 114 of Rickover Hall, which is normally open between 0800 and 2000, Monday thru Friday during the academic year.  The lab is populated primarily with five desktop workstations with additional memory and/or GPGPU devices.  Two of the workstations are Microsoft Windows based.  The other three workstations are linux based, covering CentOS, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu.  The five workstations are due to be upgraded to higher performance systems in FY2014.

The ARCS Group also maintains a number of legacy Power PC / Mac, SGI and Sun workstations in the lab to support requirements for the hardware and operating system architecture of those old systems.

The workstations in the lab are used to run and test various software under the available operating systems and hardware configurations in the lab. They are used to interface with various peripheral devices as needed. Also, the workstations  are used to provide terminal and client computer connections for walk-in users to connect to ARCS supported remote access servers and clusters. 

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