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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team


The Naval Academy Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) has been an ongoing project for several years. The ultimate objective of the project is to compete in the AUVSI International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition (AUVSI). The competition rules set forth the guidelines for vehicle weight and dimensions as well as the different tasks the vehicle must accomplish. This year is the 15th annual competition and has been based around completing a "Ides of March" themed course. The full description of the missions can be found in the official AUVSI pdf.

Course Challenges

The Path

This task consists of line segments constructed from flat PVC sheet marking the course from the Gate to the training area, obstacle course, gladiator ring and Et tu Brute, feeding the emperor grapes and lastly to the Wreath/Emperor's palace. The sections of PVC sheer will be 6 inches wide and in sections of 4 feet. Every segment will be covered in Blaze Orange duck tape.

Training (buoy)

The task consists of three 9” moored buoys. One buoy is red, another green, and the third yellow. At the competition, a specified order will be given and the objective is to hit two of the three buoys in the given order. The last two buoys hit count as the attempt for the task. The main goal for Romulus is to implement camera vision navigation to successfully complete this task.

Obstacle Course (PVC to Pass Over)

Four sections of PVC pipe will be arranged in box marked with Neon Green duck tape. The vehicle must pass within the box to get points. Gladiator Ring (Bins) Each black bin will be surrounded by a 6” white border. There are a total of four bins to drop markers into. A total of two markers can be dropped. Each bin will have a red silhouette centered within the bin of one of the following images: Glagiud [sword], Scutum [large oblong shield], Trident, and laculum [net]. One silhouette will be the primary target, and a second will be established as the secondary target. Max points will be awarded for dropping the markers in the correct bins and partial points will be awarded for dropping the markers in any bin.

Et Tu Brute? (Window Cutouts)

This task consists of a two-sided board with two circular cut-outs of different sizes. One side of the board is painted red, with the reverse painted blue. The two circular cut-outs represent a body shot (the larger hole) and a head shot (the smaller hole). The vehicle will carry two torpedoes, one red and the other blue. The maximum amount of points will be awarded by firing the torpedo through the head shot of its respective color.

Feed Emperor Grapes (Manipulation Task)

This task is made up of two long red cylinders positioned vertically and horizontally within cutouts on a 4x4 ft yellow board. Each cylinder is positioned on a tab on the cutout and must be moved off the tab before being extracted from the cutout. The cylinders will be tethered to the board. To achieve maximum points for this obstacle, the vehicle must remove and release both cylinders.

Laurel Wreath and Emperor's Palace (PVC Recovery and Surfacing Octagon)

This task consists of an acoustic pinger located off the floor of the pool. Placed directly above the pinger is a blaze orange "wreath" for the vehicle to retrieve. Floating above the pinger on the surface will be an octagon representing the rendezvous point. In order to obtain full points for surfacing, the vehicle must surface fully inside the octagon. In order to obtain full points for recovery, the "wreath" must be captured by the vehicle when it surfaces.

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