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Cognex: In-Sight 5400 - C

The Vehicle employs two of these cameras. One is used as a downward looking camera and the other is used as a forward looking camera. The downward camera is used in the Gladiator Ring and the forward camera is used the for Training. The cameras take advantage of their very capable onboard processors. The In-Sight software provided with them from Cognex allows the image processing to be completely managed by the cameras.

The communication between the cameras and the computer is simple because of this. Images captured by the cameras are processed, looking for the center of an object. The object depends on what portion of the competition run the vehicle is in.

The X and Y values of the centroid of the target, as well as an overall pass or fail (binary) are normally the values needed. The cameras send these as floating point numbers to the computers shared memory. The vehicle computer draws these values from shared memory and adjusts its thrust/heading.

The addition of cameras to the vehicle in 2012 will hopefully prove to be a benchmark improvement in the sensing capabilities of the vehicle. Having cameras mounted on, and communicating with the vehicle are the first big steps in this process.

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