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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team
Component Case

Component Case

Pelican 1450 Case

This is the first year that the USNA RoboSub has used the Pelican 1450 as the main computer housing. It is the large, yellow, waterproof case attached to the center top of the vehicle frame. The positive buoyancy of the vehicle is due mainly to the Pelican Case and its positioning.

The Pelican 1450 Case works well for the needs of our vehicle. Its interior is just the right size to fit all of our computer components and batteries without much empty, wasted space. The heat generated during operation is transferred to the water through the case without problems. There are 11 SeaCon connectors that were added to the side of the box.

They are grouped together, which allows us to keep the interior of the box well organized. They can be seen from the outside in the picture on the right. It is clear how organizes the inside of the box needs to be to house all the electronics from the picture on the right. Organization is necessary because of the number of components it contains.

We spent several weeks ensuring that the case is waterproof up to a depth of 16 feet.

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