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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team



A PowerPoint Presentation, detailing the project progress throughout the 2011 semester is attached here. The presentation was used by the team to demonstrate the work done throughout the semester, and was graded as the final piece of their capstone work at the United States Naval Academy. There will be a presentation delivered at the RoboSub competition by the team. It will be available here.


As a part of the Capstone Project requirements for the Weapons and Systems Department at the Naval Academy, the team was required to create a design paper. The paper shows that the students have a firm grasp of the concepts they used while working on their project throughout the year, and gives the students experience writing in a concise, professional engineering style. The AUVSI RoboSub competition requires that a journal article style paper be created and submitted along with the teams AUV. The paper details the different parts of the vehicle, stating what components were used and basic form of the control algorithms.


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