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Academic Research

USNA Cooperative Research Programs

You are invited to participate in cooperative research programs with the midshipmen and faculty of the United States Naval Academy. The programs described below develop academic and professional excellence in midshipmen and faculty through projects in support of your research objectives. The facilities of Michelson and Rickover Halls and the expertise of our faculty are described below.

Sponsors may specify the principal investigator in a letter of authorization or MIPR reimbursable work request addressed to the USNA Comptroller, 181 Wainwright Road, Annapolis, MD 21402. Navy sponsors normally use a NAVCOMP 2275 work request . This procedure can also enable faculty release and laboratory sabbaticals during the academic year. Visiting faculty positions at USNA can be arranged by contacting the Research Office and using an SF-52 to temporarily reassign personnel. Individual teaching or lecture assistance at the Naval Academy can be arranged through department chairs, whose telephone numbers can be found below.

Naval Academy classrooms enjoy more relevance when defense applications and objectives are experienced in tours of federal laboratories arranged through the Research Office or department chairs. Midshipmen can pursue projects with USNA faculty in support of federal laboratories through our Research Course, Trident Scholar and Summer Elective Training programs, where midshipmen travel and per diem are paid or provided by the sponsoring laboratory. Temporary duty for graduated Ensigns can be arranged through department chairs.

For further information on cooperative research with the Naval Academy, including partial support, please call the Dean of Research and Director of the Office of Research and Scholarship, Dr. Reza Malek-Madani, at DSN 281-2504, 410-293-2504, or FAX at 410-293-2507 or Email at

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