Development of Vanadium Precursors for Metal Vanadium Oxide Nanocrystals

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Lucas Johnson

Adviser(s): Dr. Matthew Buck

Poster #17

The target for this project is the successful synthesis of colloidal ternary metal oxide nanocrystals containing vanadium. Metal vanadate compounds exhibit optical, magnetic, and catalytic properties that are of interest for diverse applications. The metal vanadate semiconductors that support photocatalytic water oxidation, for example, continue to attract a great deal of interest, including bismuth, copper, and manganese vanadates. There is currently a dearth of vanadium precursors compatible with the non-polar solvents and surfactants typically used in synthesis of nanocrystals. We aim to develop anionic vanadium-oxygen clusters as precursors for the preparation of metal vanadium oxide nanocrystals.

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