Novel Zr Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Embedded in Cotton Fibers for the Neutralization of Chemical Warfare Agents

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Madison Jones, 1/C Turner Morse, 1/C Crawford Smith and 1/C Michelle Therianos

Adviser(s): Professor Craig Whitaker

Poster #22

This research project focused on the design, synthesis and characterization of novel Zr-UiO-66/67/68 metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) embedded in cotton fibers for the neutralization of chemical warfare agents. The goal was to evaluate how subtle changes in the microsolvation environment around the Zr nodes effect the ability of the MOFs to neutralize the nerve agent mimic dimethyl 4-nitrophenyl phosphate (DMNP). Cotton fabric implanted with functionalized MOFs based on the Zr-UiO-66/67/68 structures were developed, the MOF-fiber materials were characterized and their ability to rapidly and selectively destroy chemical warfare agents was tested in the liquid and vapor state.

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