Preparation and Analysis of Chloroaluminate Ionic Liquids

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Michael Schnabel

Adviser(s): Professors Paul Trulove, Tyler Cosby, CDR David Durkin

Poster #23

Chloroaluminates are a class of ionic liquid made by mixing a chloride salt with aluminum chloride. By varying the reactant concentrations and salt structure, a wide range of properties can be achieved, including ionic conductivity and a wide range of Lewis acidity. Chloroaluminates may be able to be used as battery electrolytes, photoelectrochemical cells, and in electroplating. In the research, we study the results of changes in reactant concentrations and salt chemical structure on viscosity, heat flow, and thermal stability. A long-term goal of the research is to produce an alternative electrolyte to lithium-based batteries.

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