Synthesis and Combustion Testing of Energetic Boron:PTFE Mixtures

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Madison Jones, 1/C Turner Morse, 1/C Crawford Smith and 1/C Michelle Therianos

Adviser(s): Professor Craig Whitaker

Poster #24

This is an inter-departmental effort to explore the effect of fluorinated binders on the combustion of boron-containing propellants. The main technical objective is to determine quantitatively how much fluorine is required to achieve a significant improvement with boron propellants, and to assess the relationship between how fluorine is integrated into the binder and its effectiveness in aiding combustion. The chemistry/synthesis thrust involves developing suitable fluorinated binders to address the challenge of developing novel high density propellant components and will enable a direct comparison of the properties with materials that are well-established in the energetic community. The experimental testing thrust involves measuring mechanical properties and combustion burn rates using an existing strand burner, and modification of the burner to allow ignition delay characterization.

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