Corn-based Biodiesel Mixtures with JP-5

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Michael Hamilton

Adviser(s): Professor Dianne Luning Prak

Poster #15

The kinematic viscosity, density, and flash point of corn-based biodiesel were determined following the trans-esterification of the triglycerides found in corn oil. In addition to these properties the composition of the synthesized biofuel was determined through GC/MS analysis to contain palmitic acid methyl ester, stearic acid methyl ester, oleic acid methyl ester, linoleic acid methyl ester, and linolenic acid methyl ester. Purity was determined through a miscibility test with methanol. Mixtures of biodiesel and JP-5 were then made and it was determined that compositions by weight that fell between 0% and 80% fell into the milspec for naval distillate, F-76.

Full Size Chemistry #15