Self-powered High Energy Laser Detectors via Thermoelectric Generators

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Michael Seymour

Adviser(s): Professor Mechtel, Professor ElBidweihy, Professor Nelson, Professor Joyce, Professor Jenkins

Poster #44

Prompt and accurate detection of laser strikes is important to the survivability of military assets in modern warfare. Current laser detection systems can compromise an asset’s stealth capabilities. This project proposes a detection system using an array of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) that can be integrated into the skin of an asset. The TEGs harvest the incident energy of a laser strike to power a sensor node that transmits an address indicating which TEG is irradiated. The prototype board under fabrication has a step-up converter that uses harvested TEG energy to power a microprocessor for address storage and antenna transmission.

Full Size Electrical and Computer Engineering #44