Manipulation of Microrobots Using Chladni Plates and Multimode Membrane Resonators

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Lillian Usadi

Adviser(s): Professor Samara Firebaugh, Professor Hatem ElBidweihy, LT Steven Yee, Professor Murray Korman

Poster #42

Micromanipulation is a nascent technology that has the power to revolutionize microelectronics and biological sciences. Previous studies have included optical, magnetic, chemical, and electrical actuation of microparticles. We propose to develop a platform for precise two dimensional microparticle manipulation via acoustic forces arising from Chladni figures. The organization of this project contains two phases: macroscale manipulation with Chladni plate in air and the microscale manipulation using microscale membranes in liquid. The macroscale experiment will reproduce previous studies in order to gain a better understanding of the underlying physics and to develop control algorithms based on statistical modeling techniques. The microscale experiment involves the design and testing of custom micro-fabricated structures and the coupling of macroscale statistical modeling techniques with microscale autonomous control systems.

Full Size Electrical and Computer Engineering #42