Optically Powered Multi-Robot System Based on Diamagnetic Levitation

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Matthew Beauchamp

Adviser(s): Professor ElBidweihy, LT Yee, LCDR Chapman, Professor O'Carroll

Poster #43

This project intends to capitalize on the diamagnetic properties of pyrolytic graphite (PyG) and its temperature dependent levitation. The samples have shown to levitate over certain magnet arrays and can be controlled with only light. This research uses these key properties and attempts to combine it with micro-pipettes to give these levitating samples utility. As there are many avenues to pursue this topic, this project will improve upon systems of milli-robots and techniques that can be employed to assist in further projects, specifically in the worlds of tissue engineering and chip design.

Full Size Electrical and Computer Engineering #43