Analysis of Glacial Melting in Glacier National Park, Montana

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Meaghan Allen, 1/C Jeena Bermudez

Adviser(s): Professor Peter Guth

Poster #46

Satellite imagery of Glacier National Park in Montana displays the environmental effects this area is facing, such as erosion and melting. Glacier National Park entails 25 active glaciers today. Sentinel-2 (or Landsat) satellite imagery shows environmental change in Hudson Glacier, Old Sun Glacier, Pumpelly Glacier, Rainbow Glacier, Chaney Glacier, and Shepard Glacier from year to year. While even the large reduction in glacial area is distinct even to the naked eye, the Normalized-Difference Snow Index (NDSI) shows that the edges of even the largest glaciers have melted within the past 30 years.

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