Changes in Tidal patterns in Bay of Fundy's Cobequid Bay and the Effects on future Coastal Engineering

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Samantha Nassif

Adviser(s): Professor Peter Guth

Poster #50

The purpose of this report was to investigate the effects of rising Sea-Level and the tidal change of the Cobequid Bay, a subset bay in the Bay of Fundy. The effects of semi-diurnal tides are shown in the four Sentinel-2 images, all taken on a different day. This data was used to develop normalized differences indexes of the site. In the DEMs you can see the widespread of coastal zones including, rivers, estuaries, marshes, and mudflat sedimentation, and ice jamming. This project explains the high tides and how they are changing due to global climate change.

Full Size General Science #50