Molten Salt Corrosion Capsule Testing in Support of Advanced Reactor Designs

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Elizabeth Farnan

Adviser(s): Professor Elizabeth Getto

Poster #66

Molten Salt Reactors were named one of the six reactor designs most worth pursuing by the Department of Energy. However, there is limited data on which materials would best limit the deleterious effects of molten salt corrosion on core structural materials. The candidate materials studied in this project were 316H Stainless Steel (Fe-16Cr-20Ni) and Ni-16Cr, FLiNaK and chloride salts with and without magnesium addition.salts, at varying temperatures. This project was completed using a capsule test, into which the sample coupon is immersed in the salt. Specifically, we examine the electroplating onto the experiment capsule via scanning electron microscopy.

Full Size Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering #66