Computation of Radiation Dose Quantities Using the MCNP6.2 Code

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Madeline Prince

Adviser(s): Professor Steve McHale, Professor Marshall Millett

Poster #56

Recent research into conversion factors calculated by Veinot and Hertel suggests that certain neutron environment shielding scenarios can result in higher dose equivalents with shielding as opposed to without. The goal of this research is to first verify the Veinot and Hertel results using updated cross-section data to calculate dose quantities using the most recent version of the Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code, MCNP6.2. The end goal is to quantify specific shielding situations where higher dose equivalents may be produced. This may provide useful data for the Department of Defense with regards to shielding military vehicles entering neutron environments.

Full Size Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering #56