Near-Body Velocity Measurements of an Inclined 6:1 Prolate Spheroid

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Zach Nygaard

Adviser(s): LCDR Ethan Lust

Poster #59

Experimental data are needed to improve, verify, and validate computational fluid dynamics codes for use designing the next generation of air- and water-borne vehicles. To that end, flow field measurements in the near-body region of a 6:1 prolate spheroid were conducted using stereo particle image velocimetry. The body measures 0.43 m in length and was tested at length-based Reynolds numbers of 1 to 3 million and angles of inclination of 2.5° and 20°. Preliminary results suggest the location of the separation point, which is shown to move downstream with increasing Reynolds number at constant angle of inclination.

Full Size Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering #59