Hybrid-Aquatic Rotorcraft Seakeeping Project

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Luke Kustra

Adviser(s): Professor Jaye Falls

Poster #70

Unmanned Rotorcraft have become a growing interest for both military and civilian applications alike. However, the subcategory of Hybrid Rotorcraft (functional in aquatic and aerial environments) remains under-researched. This project seeks to design, draw, and analyze extrema and typical modern rotorcraft geometries and evaluate their overall stability and seakeeping characteristics. Furthermore, data for the effects of varying KG on model stability as well as roll limitations due to blade size will be collected. This project is a continuation of the ONR-funded, Helicopter Seakeeping Project from Prof. Falls, USNA & Prof. Celi, UMD.

Full Size Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering #70