Superradiance in spin-active solid state defects

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Joe Wiedemann

Adviser(s): Assoc. Professor Seth Rittenhouse, Asst. Professor Peter Brereton

Poster #90

Emerging abilities to engineer on quantum scales motivate the search for an ultra-stable, narrow frequency standard as the foundation for quantum sensing systems. Superradiance is a quantum effect predicted in 1954 which has been used to demonstrate non-classical behaviors in quantum systems, and is now revisited for its signature narrow linewidth. We develop a superradiant master equation to explore the superradiant regime for quantum dots incoherently driven in a waveguide, coherently driven quantum dots in a wave guide, and silicon vacancy silicon carbide. We have developed our foundation model and report on our initial findings in comparison to relevant literature.

Full Size Physics #90