Constructing a Light Curve for Asteroid 2019 WC5 to Determine Its Period

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Christian Daniel, 1/C Nathaniel Huff

Adviser(s): Professor Jeffrey Larsen

Poster #84

Lightcurve periods for smaller near-Earth asteroids are typically difficult to measure due to their relatively small sizes and great distances, however, during close flybys of Earth they can be measured. This project will construct a lightcurve for asteroid 2019 WC5 as observed by the University of Arizona Bok 2.3 meter telescope. The newly discovered asteroid's lightcurve and period may have value to people studying close approaches as this asteroid passed within 1.5 million miles of Earth and its rotational period from the lightcurve would predate any changes to the period by tidal torquing during the encounter.

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