Searching for Polarized Lines from AO Cassiopeiae

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Morgan Bollinger

Adviser(s): Professor Jamie Lomax

Poster #88

AO Cas is a colliding wind binary (CWB) that is a younger version of a Wolf-Rayet CWB. Using 17 observations of AO Cas, I searched for polarized absorption lines to compare to the polarization from other Wolf-Rayet CWBs, to determine how physical properties of CWBs change with age. I only found one absorption line that was polarized, which turned out to be due to O2 from Earth's atmosphere. I also created broadband polarization curves of AO Cas. Some features in AO Cas data resemble features seen in WR42, which suggests both systems may be orientated at the same inclination angle.

Full Size Physics #88