Autonomous Formation Control on Non-Convex Closed Shapes

Midshipman Researcher(s): 1/C Nate Hersom

Adviser(s): Assoc. Professor Levi DeVries

Poster #95

Most Ground Control Station (GCS) mission planners provide users simple waypoints and elementary shapes (squares, circles) for autonomous missions. This is insufficient for non-convex shapes that may contain hundreds of points. This project simplifies mission design by allowing users to draw specific trajectories for autonomous vehicles. We reconstruct the user shape with a finite number of Fourier descriptor coefficients. The coefficients define the trajectory of a relative reference frame; traversing a circle in the relative frame produces the desired inertial frame trajectory. We use Lyapunov Guidance Vector Field control to steer vehicles to the required circle in the relative frame.

Full Size Robotics and Controls Engineering #95