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Academic Research

NASEC 2017 Speakers

We are proud to announce the speakers for the 8th Naval Academy Science and Engineering Conference. 

Opening Speaker

David Thompson

Artificial Intelligence Subject Matter Expert

Rama Chellappa

 Prof. Rama Chellappa
Distinguished University Professor

University of Maryland, College Park

Space Exploration Panel


MajGen Charles Bolden Jr.

MajGen Charles Bolden, Jr., USMC (ret) 12th Administrator NASA


Bill Gerstenmaier

Mr. Bill Gerstenmaier
Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations 

Jim Chilton

Mr. Jim Chilton
Senior Vice President for Space and Missile Systems

Dr. Michael Hawes

Dr. Michael Hawes
Vice President & Orion Program Manager

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Garrett Reisman

Dr. Garrett Reisman
Director of Crew Operations

Artificial Intelligence Subject Matter Expert

Alex Stimpson

Dr. Alex Stimpson
Senior Research Scientist
Duke University

Astrophysics Subject Matter Expert


Keith Gendreau

Dr. Keith Gendreau
NICER Principal Investigator

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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