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Important News

Please visit the USNA Coronavirus Guidance Site for the most up-to-date information. Supplemental information regarding the academic program will be posted here. An Intranet site to capture COVID-19 Updates has been established for the AcDean Cost Center and can be viewed here

There will be no face-to-face classes until further notice.

Congratulations to USNA's Class of 2020!

See photos here; as well as the virtual graduation ceremony from 22 May 2020 here.

Summer Academic Classes Begin Tuesday, 26 May 2020

  • Block 1 (4-week length) runs from Tuesday, 26 May through Friday, 19 June.
  • Session Alpha (8-week length) runs from Tuesday, 26 May through Thursday, 16 July.
  • Block 3 (4-week length) runs from Monday, 20 July through Thursday, 13 August.
  • Following are important resources regarding summer classes (for assistance accessing USNA resources remotely, including intranet, please see the "How to access USNA resources remotely" site):
  • To better accommodate students living in different time zones through this distance teaching and learning environment, the schedule for class periods during the summer is as follows (similar to the Spring 2020 Remote Teaching & Learning Schedule):
    • Period 1: 0930-1020
    • Period 2: 1030-1120
    • Break: 1130-1220
    • Period 3: 1230-1320
    • Period 4: 1330-1420
    • Period 5: 1430-1520
    • Period 6: 1530-1620
    • Most exams in most courses will be administered during the regularly-scheduled class periods. There may be "X-Period"-style exams administered in some courses during the block or session so that multiple sections of the same course may have a common exam. Similarly, some courses may administer their final exams at a common time. The time for the "X-Period"-type or Common-Exam will be from 1930-2120. If a course uses an "x-Period" or Common-Exam time, the course may not require attendance during the normally-scheduled class periods on that same day.

Fall Academic Classes Begin Wednesday, 19 August 2020

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) 

is providing increased support for faculty and staff, especially regarding online/remote teaching & learning and related pedagogy.

The 1963 Center for Academic Excellence ("AcCenter")

is providing special services to support our midshipmen learning in the modified educational environment. 

Faculty calendar for intersessional information

Available on our website under  Calendars & Events  >  Faculty Calendar.


Majors Listings Page
Divisions and Departments Page

About the Academic Program

To prepare midshipmen as Naval officers, the Naval Academy’s curriculum blends professional subjects with required and elective courses. Our curriculum has three basic elements:

  • Core requirements in engineering, natural sciences, the humanities and social sciences, to ensure that graduates are able to think critically,
  • Core academic courses and practical training to teach the leadership and professional skills required of Navy and Marine Corps officers
  • An academic major that permits a midshipman to explore a discipline in some depth and prepare for graduate level work.
See more about our Integrated Academic Planning, which includes our Master Academic Plan (MAP).
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