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 3 Feb 2014


From: Academic Dean and Provost

1. Purpose. To publish information about and instructions regarding the administration of summer school at the Naval Academy for the calendar year 2014, academic term 150. The guidance for previous and following years is similar; specific (e.g., date) changes are highlighted in red.

2. As noted below, the administration of the academic program in the summer is different from what it is during the fall and spring semesters.

3. General information.

a. General information about summer school may be accessed via the Academics website at  The web page for the current summer school calendar is at: Courses offered are listed at:

There are three blocks of summer school, each of 4 weeks duration. Some courses, however, are longer or shorter than a full block. The block to which a course is associated is generally the one in which it begins. Exceptions to this rule include some sections of EM300, SC112, and SM122 which are assigned to the block during which most of the course occurs, even when the course begins a week prior to the official start of the block.  Saturday classes are scheduled for 31 May, 12 July and 9 August due to days lost to Independence Day and truncation of the last week which ends on Thursday, 14 August. Other Saturdays may be used by courses as announced in class.

b. The following frequently-used modules on MIDS are available to midshipmen, faculty, and staff:

  • Summer School - Query Totals: This module is used to query course enrollment data 
  • Sections - General Query: This module is used to query details about courses offered, sections, instructors, schedules, classrooms, course descriptions, and midshipmen enrolled and, for faculty and staff, midshipman academic records

4. Information and Action. The following describes the responsibilities of midshipmen, faculty, and department chairs concerning summer school. Information is also provided for staff in the Naval Academy Summer Programs (NASP) office.

a. Midshipmen. Midshipmen who desire or are required to attend summer school are enrolled in one of several categories.

  • Those who are required to do so by the Academic or Advisory Boards have highest priority and must be enrolled by a member of the Advisory Board (a senior division adviser or an Academic Center adviser). This category is called Academic Board – Mandatory.
  • The Commandant grants special status in summer school to certain athletes in order that they may carry a lighter in-season academic load. This category, called Commandant - Athlete has the second highest priority for spaces available in summer school and midshipmen are enrolled with this status by members of the Advisory Board.
  • Next in priority are those midshipmen who choose to attend summer school in lieu of summer leave. This category is referred to as Voluntary. Midshipmen indicate their desire to enroll via a MIDS module.

Midshipmen enrolled in summer school in each category are ordered according to a first-come, first-served principle. Since summer school enrollment is a dynamic process and a midshipman with a higher priority may displace or "bump" another with lower priority, midshipmen must continually monitor their own status.

The status of midshipmen who are not qualified for a summer course is Denied. Those placed on the waiting list for a course will have the status Denied Overmax. Until a midshipman's enrollment is determined by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA), the midshipman's approval status is Not Reviewed. Voluntary enrollment in summer school is permitted only after training assignments have been made.

The scheduling of courses and the nature of summer courses do not permit midshipmen to take more than one course at any time. Too, midshipmen may not be engaged in any other required activity such as summer training while enrolled in summer school. Of course, midshipmen may only take courses for which they meet the prerequisites.

MIDS modules of particular relevance to midshipmen are as follows.

  • Academic Information - Query: This module is used to query all grades including summer course grades
  • Matrices - Query Current Midshipman: This module is used to query midshipman's record displayed in the matrix corresponding to the midshipman's major
  • Schedules - Query Midn Schedule for Summer School: This module is used to query blocks for registered summer school courses
  • Summer School - Preregister: This module is used to query voluntary enrollment or disenrollment
  • Summer School - Query Totals: This module is used to query enrollment data for all summer courses
  • Summer Training - Assignments: This module is used to query schedule of training and summer school

b. Faculty. Faculty members will record accountability daily, enter weekly and final course grades with comments and, in the case of final course grades of D or F or when required by the Academic Board, write MAPRs. It is imperative that faculty involved in teaching or administration of summer school maintain close contact with the Naval Academy Summer Programs (NASP) office.

Most midshipmen in summer school are enrolled for purposes of remediation. Moreover, since each day of a summer course is nearly the equivalent of a full week during the fall or spring semesters, problems concerning midshipman performance should be addressed by all concerned as soon as possible. Accountability must be recorded each day of summer school except prior to Memorial Day; accountability in that period cannot entered into MIDS but any absences should be reported to the ADAA, as soon as possible.

Interim grades are due on the morning of the first working day following a complete week of class, except the final week of summer school. MAPRs and final course grades are due by 1500 on the Monday following the end of a course except for Block 3 courses. MAPRs and final course grades are due for all Block 3 courses not later than 1000 on Friday, 15 August. MAPRs may be requested for a midshipman who successfully completed a course.

MIDS modules frequently used by faculty members during the summer include:

  • Absences - Enter: This module is used to record absences; however, only the first teaching period of the several used during the day is linked; for accountability purposes, consider all the meeting periods as though they were one long period 
  • Grades - Enter by Section: This module is used for entering and viewing interim grades, with short comments, as well as end of course grades 
  • MAPR (Midshipman Academic Performance Report) - Enter: This module functions as it does in the fall and spring terms
  • Summer School - Query Grades: This module is used to view course grades for summer term

c. Department Chairs. Considering other demands on their departments, chairs will arrange to offer summer courses and sections to support the Naval Academy's mission. Working with the ADAA, departments will fix course and section capacities. Throughout the summer, chairs or their designees will monitor accountability reporting and submission of grades and MAPRs. The following MIDS links pertain:

  • Absences - Enter For Department: This module is used to record accountability in absence of faculty member 
  • Grades (Department Chairs Only) - Enter by Section: This module is used to record grades in absence of faculty member for any academic term; may also be used for summer interim grades and for viewing grades 
  • Instructor/Room (Department Chair Only) - Enter: This module is used to assign instructors, meeting times, and classrooms to a section 
  • MAPR (ADAA/Department Chair Only) - Enter: This module is used to record a MAPR in absence of a faculty member 
  • MAPR - Query Submission: This module is used to view a submitted MAPR 
  • Offered Sections (Department Chair Only) - Maintain: This module is used to set course and section maxima, meeting times, classrooms 
  • Sections - Maintain: This module is used to modify section meeting times or dates 
  • Summer Interim Grades - Query Missing Grade Entry: This module is used to check for weekly interim grade submissions; grades are "missing" if not entered prior to Tuesday of the week following the week being reported 
  • Summer School (Dept Chair Only) - Assign Midshipmen into Sections: This module is used to assign midshipmen enrolled in a course among existing sections 
  • Summer School - Query Grades: This module is used to view final grades for summer courses

In addition to the above MIDS modules there are several useful WebI reports on summer school that may be useful to chairs.

d. NASP Officers. The following MIDS module is accessible only to the Commandants' staff.

  • Summer Interim Grades - This module is used to query view weekly interim grades and optional comments for midshipmen in summer courses

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